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LIVING: 420 Games come to Portland and Seattle

This post was originally published on Mrs. Nice Guy’s blog.

By Mrs. Nice Guy
Cannabis Daily Record

We all know that most cannabis users aren’t lazy stoners. Sadly we’re still being stereotyped as such, so let’s make a change.

The 420 Games were established to do just that! Presented by Weedmaps, the 420 Games are a series of lifestyle events that work to breakdown the stigmas that have been put upon cannabis users since cannabis prohibition. By hosting athletic events, they’re hoping to forge a new outlook on cannabis and the people who use it. Each 420 Games event is designed for athletes from beginner to advanced levels and you don’t have to be a cannabis user to join the fun.

Their 2016 tour includes cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Boulder, with stops in Portland and Seattle! Each stop will have a 4.20 mile Fun Run/Walk, live entertainment like music or stand up comedy, a 2 hour beer tasting featuring Lagunitas, and some educational speeches.

There’s 3 price tiers for tickets: the Fun Run/Walk, Fun Run/Walk + Music, or Fun Run/Walk + Music and beer tasting. Check out their events page to see when they’ll be in your city. If you’re in Portland or Seattle, tickets are below with a special code for my readers to get 50% off!

Sponors include: Dixie Elixirs, O.Pen Vape, Snowbomb, Lagunitas, and Eaze. If you’d like to volunteer please contact:

The 420 Games in Seattle will be held at Warren G Magnuson park from 8AM – 2PM, get your 50% off tickets here.
The 420 Games in Portland will be held at Sellwood River Front Park, from 8AM – 2PM, get your 50% off tickets here!

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