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Newspaper gives first cannabis awards to The Herbery, Cedar Creek and Mary Jane’s House of Glass

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

The Columbian newspaper in Clark County, Washington, added a “cannabis” category for the first time to its annual “Best of Clark County” competition for local businesses.


The eight-year-old competition, which gathered votes over a period of two weeks, is a popular guide for consumers and residents in Southwest Washington.

The winners of the competition were announced this morning.

They are: 

Best Store: The Herbery

Best Grower: Cedar Creek Cannabis

Best Head Shop: Mary Jane’s House of Glass

Jim Mullen, Chief Operating Officer at The Herbery, said he’s thrilled to see the local paper treating cannabis companies as the legitimate legal businesses that they are.

Stigma against cannabis remains, even in legal states like Washington, so competitions like this really help, he said.


“I think it’s excellent,” Mullen said. “We really want to be seen as a mainstream business, and to have categories for marijuana really shows that we are a legitimate business and industry, and that helps us bring this out of the closet.”

Ann’ette Pedigo, co-owner of Cedar Creek Cannabis, also applauded the paper for the new category.

“We really appreciate them for treating us the same as other businesses in the community, which of course we are,” Pedigo said. “The Best of Clark County brand is huge in Southwest Washington. And this is a big honor for us – especially to win in the first year.”

The businesses also thanked their customers for voting for them and for their support of the industry, which continues to grow across the United States.

“We want to thank our customers, fans, people who voted for us,” Pedigo said. “We’re just honored, humbled and very pleased.”


(Herbery owner Rick and COO Jim Mullen, right)

Mullen agreed.

“It’s extremely exciting,” Mullen said. “We’re super proud and very thankful that we won. It’s really a big thing for us. And we want to thank all our customers – everybody – for helping us. We couldn’t ask for anything better.”




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