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Strain Sheet: Scout Cookies from Compassionate Pain Management (Colorado)

Scout Cookies from Compassionate Pain Management


Reviewer: Syndicate
Strain (name, sativa, indica, and any interesting info about it): Scout Cookies, an enigmatic strain that has an interesting background. The Cookie Family that created the original strain claim it is a Durban Poison mixed with the Bay Area true strain of OG Kush. Most variations of this strain are thought to be fake, or possibly from a rare seed found in a bag of the strain. Ajoyalife confirms all their strains are the real deal and buys their seeds from the direct distributors.
Grower: Compassionate Pain Management 11950 West Colfax Lakewood, CO 80215. (Colorado grower-dispensary)
Onset time (When did you ingest/when did it kick in): I felt a nice buzz with the first hit and it settled in nicely as it crept on.
Fade (When do you no longer feel it): The effects were good and lasted a least 35 to 45 min.
Strength: This is an uplifting and happy feeling weed. I was energized and relaxed.
Tingling (where on your body did you feel it): The cookies strain hit me in the chest and spread to back.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc.): Control was good and I felt focused.
Emotions: Happy and in the mood for whatever came my way.
Paranoia: None for me, just a little giddiness as my buzz set in.
Energy level: The energy was very good and uplifting as I got things done through the day.
Look: Nice light hues of green with light orange hairs.
Smell: Tangy pungent apple fragrance with a hint of earthness.
Taste: My cookies had a lightly sweet but mildly bitter apple flavor and earthy undertones.
Relieves: Stress and aggravation. Also good for pain and depression.
Positives: Great flavor and a solid good buzz.
Negatives: The munchies were a bit hard core and I did some damage to the fridge and my waistline. I could have destroyed 2 boxes of Thin Mints.
Paired well with: Snacks!

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