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Going Green releases two high power CBD strains to Washington market

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Going Green, a tier 1 cannabis grower in Vancouver, Washington, has released two new high potency CBD strains to the Washington cannabis market.

(Head grower Matthew Wood)

(Head grower Matthew Wood)

The company, which grows an array of CBD and THC strains, had its Harley Sue high-CBD strain test at 20.46 percent CBDA and 1.14 percent THCA in a February lab test from Goat Labs, an approved testing facility in Washington.

The company also had its Sour Tsunami high CBD strain test at 23.21 percent CBDA and 1.19 percent THC at the same time.

Mark Robertson, the company’s owner, said one of Going Green’s main goals is to produce quality high CBD strains for both the medical and recreational markets. He said the recent test results are the best he’s seen outside of Colorado’s signature Charlotte’s Web strain.

“Until you get into Charlotte’s Web, you really don’t see the THC levels in CBD strains down that much,” Robertson said. “So we’re very proud that we were able to get those ratios. The benefit of that is that seniors or others who want CBD for health reasons can take this and have virtually no side effects from the THC.”

Charlotte’s Web tests at around 0.8 percent THC and 7-11 percent CBD, Robertson said.

The company’s head grower, Matthew Wood, said it took him about half a year to cultivate the CBD strains to get those ratios.

“Each cycle we’re progressively getting better results,” Wood said. “At this point, we’re consistent at those recent test levels.”


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