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Strain Sheet: Cinex from Urban Fields PDX


Cinex from Urban Fields PDX

Originally Posted On Mrs. Nice Guy

Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Cinex – Sativa: Cinderella 99 & Vortex
Grower: Urban Fields (Portland, Oregon)
Onset time: 1-2 minutes.
Fade: An hour or so if you go easy, two plus if you go hard.
Strength: Medium to strong, depending on how much you smoke.
Tingling (where did you feel it): Everywhere, as soon as I ingest Cinex, I can feel it take over my body and mind like a spreading disease, but a welcome one.
Control: Great focus and control, I felt high, but was able to function fully. I’ve smoked this before a workout and it’s never hindered my performance, it’s actually helped my endurance.
Emotions: Uplifted and restored with a great attention to detail and creative spurts.
Paranoia: No
Energy Level: Cinex gives me a huge surge of mental energy that keeps me locked in, I can feel it heal my body at the same time.
Smell: Strong sweet citrus smell, clean earthy taste when exhaling.
Relieves: Great at fighting fatigue & nausea, can also help those who need to stay on task or find themselves distracted easily. It’s uplifting effects are great for
Positives: Great hangover cure! A few tokes of this and you’re ready to function like a normal human. Good to have on hand during queasy/nauseous symptoms due to PMS, or nervousness, or over exertion. Cinex is a good strain for people who like to smoke while they’re working because of the high levels of focus and creativity.
Negatives: Got a foggy/laggy feeling when I came down, felt like I needed a nap, I did smoke a lot and that’s why. I’ve smoked this in the past on MANY occasions and when smoked modestly I never felt the lag.
Other notes (appearance, etc.): Cinex has full, pale green pillowy nugs, spattered with bright, white trichomes, and lovely little orange pistils enveloped within that have you saying “Come On Smoke Me!” – The swiss army knife of strains.

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