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Strain Sheet: Raskal Berries from Compassionate Pain Management (Colorado)

Raskal Berries from Compassionate Pain Management

Reviewer: Syndicate
Strain (name, sativa, indica, and any interesting info about it): Raskal Berries, a sativa dominant strain, 70% Sativa, 30% Indica. Heritage: OG Raskal’s White Strawberry and Blue Power. THC levels are around 17% with CBDs around 0.86%.
Grower: Compassionate Pain Management 11950 West Colfax Lakewood, CO 80215. (Colorado grower-dispensary)
Onset time (When did you ingest/when did it kick in): Onset was quick, with the first hit there was a nice immediate high that lifted off smoothly into a nice high.
Fade (When do you no longer feel it): It took a while to fade and had some legs to the high.
Strength: Uplifting and semi energetic high. The body high was good and relaxing.
Tingling (where on your body did you feel it): Raskal Berries hit me right between the eyes and spread into a warm tingle throughout the head and chest.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc.): Well controlled high, not to sharp or edgy of high.
Emotions: Up and positive, “Perfect for watching my Broncos crush the Panthers!”
Paranoia: None, I felt chatty and social.
Energy level: Up and going, maybe a little giggly and euphoric. Maybe that was just the Bronco in me!!!
Look: Buds were a little small, but solid and dense. The color was nice, multiple hues of green with well pronounced orange hairs.
Smell: A little musty and earthy “in good way”. Sweet and pungent with a hint of berry/citrus.
Taste: (Pipe) Tangy and skunky with an underlying hint of earthy musty tones. (Vape) Similar but more pronounced tang and more of a berry yet piney taste. Reminds me more of the mango sweet but piney flavor than anything.
Relieves: Bad moods and minor muscle aches for me. I think this is a good strain for motivation and relaxation. Stimulates appetite, munchies are mandatory. Spark a bowl with a buddy and forget the day.
Positives:Nice flavor and smell along with a solid uplifting high.
Negatives: Being an outdoor or green house guy, I think the buds should be bigger. I just find commercial buds smallish. My worst problem is needing some more. It went quick.
Paired well with: Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale and football.

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