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WIRE: Farmer Tom Organics partners with feds on cannabis industry safety study

VANCOUVER, Wash.Farmer Tom Organics is paving the way for the cannabis industry by successfully completing a workplace safety and health hazard study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).


NIOSH is the U.S. Federal Agency responsible for conducting research to prevent workplace injuries or illness. The new research will be crucial as the government assesses federal best practice standards for workers in the marijuana industry.

In October 2015, Farmer Tom Organics, founded by Tom Lauerman, was the first and only cannabis farm to partner with NIOSH to evaluate and measure exposures during the cultivation and processing of cannabis.

“This partnership is reflective of a trend of acceptance and legitimacy for the cannabis industry,” Lauerman said.

Over a period of three days, employees’ airborne exposures to endotoxins were measured. Endotoxins are a form of bacteria found in the soil, and sometimes the air, during the processing of agricultural products.

The samples collected at Farmer Tom Organics were compared to air sample research collected by the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Safety.

Limits of 90 endotoxin units per cubic meter of air (EU/m3) are the standard protocol. Meaning, this is the threshold of endotoxins that an employee may be exposed to without causing injury or harm.

The NIOSH representatives were able to confirm that all endotoxin air sample results were well below the limit. Full shift endotoxin concentrations ranged from 2.83‒37.15 EU/m3.

For official test results, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page. This is the first of many reports; additional results will be released throughout 2016.

“I’m super excited about the opportunity to work with the Federal scientists on this project,” Lauerman said. “The Farmer Tom brand embraces safety—in growing, product quality and in our employees and workplace. Our goal is to grow a best-in-class company that normalizes cannabis and offers every customer peace of mind.”

Farmer Tom Organics embraces a natural philosophy in life and farming. They use bio dynamic and organic farming practices to deliver best in class, safe and trustworthy plants and products. The brand is an advocate for the small farmer and independent grower and believes in creating standards in the cannabis industry to ensure safety and efficacy. Boom Pow!

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