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WIRE: Company issue paper looks at pesticide safety and legal issues for cannabis

DENVER — In the last five months, nearly 200,000 Colorado cannabis products have been recalled in 19 separate incidents due to the improper and illegal use of chemical pesticides. The recalls involve 20 separate companies that either grow the plant itself or process it into edibles and other products. Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting (3C) has released a position paper that objectively addresses the legal and safety issues of pesticide use on cannabis so that the public is not misinformed.

3clogo “To have growers continue to produce contaminated cannabis only to see it recalled repeatedly is unsustainable for the industry; indeed, it threatens its very existence,” says Nic Easley, Cannabis Industry Expert and CEO of 3C. “These problems are solvable and we need to address them, both to protect consumers and workers, as well as to keep cannabis companies thriving.”

Due to its federal illegality, no research has been performed on the use of pesticides on cannabis. As a result, no pesticides registered with the EPA are labeled for use on cannabis. Since all pesticides must be applied according to label specifications, this essentially prohibits pesticide use in cannabis production. However, some labels are written in such a broad manner that the use of those pesticides could not be construed as a breach of the legally-binding use directions. Additionally, certain pesticides are of such low-toxicity that the EPA has deemed that their registration is not required; these are known as minimum-risk products under section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

“We are advocates for cannabis legalization and want to see this industry grow and develop into one that is beneficial for all involved. We believe that cannabis can continue to be a force for positive change but, in order for it to do so, we must navigate issues such as those around pesticide use in a responsible manner,” said Easley.

“Our primary recommendation should be preceded by the statement that the use of chemical pesticides of the type triggering Colorado’s recalls is not needed in cannabis production. We have years of experience working in, managing, and advising cultivation operations of all types and scale on how to grow successfully without illegal pesticides.”

3C has written a position paper on the problem available for free download here: 3C_PesticidePositionPaper. Additionally, Easley is available for press interviews regarding the cannabis industry.

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3C is the leading Cannabis and Hemp Industry consulting & strategy firm, and has successfully helped over 60 agricultural, industrial and retail clients achieve superior gains, resulting in increased shareholder value. Nic Easley, CEO of 3C is an industry thought leader and is frequently asked to keynote important cannabis industry conferences.

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