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WIRE: American Green extracts now for sale in Colorado

TEMPE, AZ – American Green, Inc. (OTC PINK: ERBB) today announced American Green-branded solvent-free live rosin is now on sale at Eagle Vail dispensaries.

“American Green has made a significant commitment to Herbal Elements, the Colorado operation producing and distributing the American Green-branded cannabis product lines. We financed the creation of Herbal Elements’ extraction facility which recently received final approval from Eagle County for full operational status,” said Jonathan Miller, American Green CEO. “Greg Honan and his team, headed by extraction master, Chris Skinner, have created an amazing solvent-free product that was tested by Greenhill Laboratories to have an exceptional THC potency of 79.3%. We are pleased to announce the operation is now producing high-quality live rosin extracted from strain-specific cannabis.”

“The future of hash will be obtaining everything desirable about concentrates and exclude the harsh solvents. Our product yields impressive test results regarding potency and a lack of microbial contamination,” said Skinner. “Clients can expect a ‘full spectrum high’ meaning that the ‘buzz’ is very strong cerebrally yet still maintains strong medicinal aspects. I have epilepsy and this stuff allows me to take on a high dose and still function.”

As is the goal for every American Green product, the company’s producers will process items made of the highest quality ingredients. Herbal Elements’ extraction process, which provides oils, rosin and hash is 100% solvent free. Many competitor manufacturers will opt to use methods that leave trace amounts of undesirable byproducts in the finished goods left over from production as these methodologies enable faster run times and higher yields. American Green’s vision is to supply consistent, high-quality products with the benefits of time-tested best practises.

The American Green-branding program in Colorado will see Herbal Elements salespeople delivering samples and taking orders for a variety of extract products such as wax, shatter, hash, and rosin. In addition to the wholesaling of these products, the salespeople will be taking orders for processing of trim and flower for growers in Colorado. Herbal Elements will process the extracts and the growers will receive the product for sale in American Green-branded packaging. High Country Healing in Eagle Vail, CO and New Hope in Edwards, CO will be among the first to carry the rosin.

Customers, both in Oregon and Colorado, are already very happy with our Premium Pre-rolled Joints. The Joints are rolled using only organic rolling papers with no preservatives added. Our team takes great care to only use the premium buds from harvest when producing these American Green-branded Joints and do not use leftover trim for the product. To keep it in perfect condition we use a Boveda humidity pack to ensure the first one is as good as the last one each and every time, no matter how long a consumer waits to open it. Aaron Hathaway-Neel, owner of Calyptic — American Green’s partner in Oregon — stated, “The reorders for our American Green Joints are coming in with great feedback. It is noticed and appreciated by consumers and dispensary owners that the packaging is attractive and the product is as promised — Premium.”

Miller further stated, “I’m really happy to report American Green branding is gaining traction. Dispensaries in Oregon are already reordering the Premium Joints. We’re being told by dispensary owners that they love the packaging and the quality of Calyptic’s product. Calyptic will be on the road this week bringing more dispensaries online,” Miller concluded, “Extracts in Colorado are in high demand and competitive processors are several weeks behind that demand. We see dabbing use continuing to grow for years to come. The market for extracts will continue to grow accordingly and we are ready to provide those products now and and in the future as we see consumption in other states accelerate.”

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