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WIRE: Vuber Technologies partners with Refine Seattle on new pre-filled vape line

SEATTLE — Vuber Technologies (, the developers of the world’s best personal vaporizers, announced that the company has partnered with Refine Seattle to produce a world-class pre-filled vaporizer.


Refine Seattle is a division of X-Tracted Laboratories, a premier marijuana concentrate producer specializing in light hydrocarbon extraction technology to produce immaculate, clean extracts.

Vuber Technologies is the developer of a premium line of vaporizers, constructed to the highest standards in the world.

The new Vuber / Refine custom atomizers boast a dual ceramic coil surrounded by titanium heating coils for a clean and consistent pull of flavorful vapor. These individually sealed pre-filled units will contain the highest quality concentrates available anywhere. Delicately concocted in the X-Tracted labs, the extract uses the most desirable source materials and methodical handing to deliver an unsurpassed aroma, flavor, and effect. With exotic strains, THC testing normally in the 75% range, and nearly zero trace of residual solvents, the Vuber / Refine Vaporizer offers a truly unbeatable experience.

“We are pleased to partner with Refine Seattle to provide our customers with an unparalleled vaping experience,” said Brandon Gallagher, President of Vuber Technologies, Inc. “We think the product is going to set the standard by which all other pre-filled vapes will be measured.”

The Vuber / Refine Vaporizer is more than just a brand… it is a promise of quality.

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