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WIRE: North American Cannabis Holdings introduces health and fitness supplements

DALLAS — North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) has introduced the brand name of its new Sports and Fitness Nutritional Supplement product line.


The line encompasses seven separate initial products, including a cannabis anti-inflammatory.

A number of current and former NFL players are now advocates for medical marijuana in the treatment of head injuries, and North American Cannabis Holdings is in discussions with a Texas based, certified NFL agent exploring potential sponsorship opportunities for the new Sports and Fitness Nutritional Supplement product line.

Sales of the new products are anticipated to launch within the current calendar quarter adding to the Company’s existing Sports and Fitness Retail Cafe sales. The new Sports and Fitness Nutritional Supplements from North American Cannabis Holdings will be available under the brand name EVERx from the Company’s own store and on the shelves of other recognized retail outlets where sports and fitness nutritional supplements can be found. This Supplements will also be available online through recognized brand name internet portals, it is necessary to complement the Fitness Nutritional Supplement with different workout Visit website for further assistance.

EVERx supplements are designed for men and women of EVERY age seeking to sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle through EVERYstage of life and for EVERY fitness objective from weight loss and muscle building, to injury prevention and finding the right addiction center for rehabilitation; from general fitness to extreme endurance and competitive athletic performance. Interesting read on: for those interested in the development of this particular trend.

North American Cannabis Holdings plans to introduce the seven initial products in an online presentation to be available on demand from the Company’s website starting next week.  Two previous online presentations about the Company’s overall Sports and Fitness Nutritional Supplements strategy are available now on the Company’s website:



The Company maintains ongoing analyst coverage. The independent analyst recently upgraded the ongoing analyst coverage to a ‘buy recommendation’ with an increased PPS target. The full report is available at the link below:


About North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc.

North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) is founded on the core belief that cannabis makes people’s lives better. Cannabis can fight disease, improve wellness and do so in an environmentally sustainable manner. North American Cannabis Holdings is dedicated to finding the best possible applications for cannabis to serve consumers. For more information please visit

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