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Strain Sheet: Plushberry from Rogue Raven Farms

Plushberry from Rogue Raven Farms

Plushberry from Rogue Raven Farms

This strain was originally reviewed on Mrs. Nice Guy’s blog

Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Plushberry (Indica cross of Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen)
Grower: Rogue Raven Farms (Washington) (sold at High End Market Place)
Onset time: Instantaneous
Fade: A little over an hour
Strength: Strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Felt it in my face, eyes felt very heavy and low, my body was blanketed lavishly, with happy, calm feelings. I was relaxed and felt as though I was in this palatial state of being that I didn’t want to end.
Control: Good control, but def a relax & chill strain, not something for running around doing errands.
Emotions: Relaxed with a euphoric happiness. Felt relieved.
Paranoia: None.
Energy Level: Not much energy, but definitely didn’t make me sleepy or tired
Smell: Subtle & sweet berry-like smell that reminded me of a grape Laffy Taffy.
Relieves: Anger, Stress, Depression, PMS. It’s way of peeling away those nasty feelings is magnificent.
Positives: Good strain to have on hand when you need selfcare (pair it with a nice hot bath)
Negatives: While I didn’t get much pain relief from this, it did give me a great sense of relief on a day when my mental health probably wasn’t in the best place.
Other notes (appearance, etc.): The buds were a mix of light and dark green, with some purple weaved throughout, and a lovely layer of crystals. Enjoyed how plush and delicate Plushberry was, a grinder wasn’t necessary, you could easily break the buds down with your fingers with little effort. When I did use the grinder, a half turn was enough to break it down and it left a nice pile of kief.

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