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Vape Pen Review: Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Let me just admit this up front – I’m afraid of blowtorches and fire, especially when they’re near my face.


That means that the classic dab method – putting concentrated cannabis on a rig with a flame-heated titanium nail and inhaling it – is not something I’ve ever been eager to try on my own (although a few friends have been kind enough to set up a dab and heat it for me on a classic rig).

But a brand new electronic rig from Dr. Dabber may fix that problem for me entirely.

Boost eRig from Dr. Dabber is one of the best dab contraptions I’ve seen or used so far. Among the handy aspects:

  • It has a real titanium nail that’s fully heated by electricity instead of fire.
  • It’s fantastic for heating dabs to a level where they’re flavorful but not burnt.
  • The parts are magnetic and easy to pop together.
  • It’s extremely simple to use – all you need to do is push a button and dip the dab onto the nail with the provided tool.
  • It’s very easy to clean – the glass attachment can be cleaned with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and salt in much the same way as you’d clean a bong.

I typically dab with a vape pen. I love the smaller Dr. Dabber light – which is a little bigger than palm sized, inexpensive at about $50, and great on the go.


But smaller pens also sometimes get gummed up with wax – and if you sample a lot of products for review like I do, you waste wax cleaning the pen before popping in a new dab.

(As an aside: One of the best ways I’ve found to clean dab pens is to put a sheet of tin foil on one of the stove burners, turn the pen and dab chamber so it’s upside down, facing the tin foil, and then heating the pen as if you were smoking. The extra dab stuck in the pen will release smoke and then will drip down onto the tinfoil, although you may have to use a few heating cycles).

The Dr. Dabber Boost, which retails for about $200, doesn’t have that problem because it seems to burn the wax much more efficiently. It was also able to burn some wax that I had to put away because it was too solid and glassy for my smaller pens.

The eRig seems to burn wax more cleanly than other dabbers I’ve tried. The terpene flavor that comes out after a hit on this thing is divine – clean and nuanced with no burnt taste.

The pen also has a variable heat setting, but it’s a bit convoluted to use. To dab, you basically just push the device’s button three times. When you do that, the button turns white as it heats up the nail, then turns blue when it’s ready for you to put your dab in. After that, it shuts itself off.

(dab nail)

(dab nail)

The first heat cycle maximizes at 730 degrees F. After two cycles, one right after the other, the chamber heats up to about 850 degrees F.

That means you have to wait through a few cycles if you’re intent on using the 850 degree setting. But, that said, the lower cycle tastes better and the increasing temperature means if you run it through a few cycles it will burn away any goop left on your nail.

I also love the carrying case for the eRig. The device is a bit too large to carry around with you on the go (when assembled it’s about as long as my forearm) – but if you put it away in its box, it’s easy to take over to a friend’s house for some dabbing fun.

If you’re a dabber, this is well worth the $200-ish retail price. Mine now has a place of honor amongst my cannabis gadgets.

Follow up note: The glass attachment can sometimes trap water that seems almost impossible to get out. If that happens, try taking it to the sink and blowing through it – it seems to work best. Cheers!



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