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Oregon Ag Dept creates pesticide list for marijuana growers

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has created a list of pesticide products to help guide marijuana growers and pesticide applicators throughout the state.

The guide list contains 257 pesticide products and is available on ODA’s cannabis and pesticides webpage at <>.

ODA regulates the sale, use, and distribution of pesticides products in Oregon. In doing so, ODA relies on the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), as well as state statutes, and enforces the product label as the law.

Currently, there are no registered pesticide products in Oregon that are specifically labeled for use on marijuana. However, ODA has established criteria for possible products that may be used on marijuana.

The intent of developing criteria is to assist growers in distinguishing those pesticide products with labels that do not legally prohibit use on cannabis from those that clearly do not allow use.

Use of a pesticide on cannabis is allowed if it is intended for unspecified food products, is exempt from a tolerance, and is considered low risk.

Those involved in using pesticides for cannabis production should consult the guide list, follow the product label, and use that product according to its directions.

All other products used may be considered illegal and, if laboratory testing found the presence of these pesticide residues, it could be considered a violation of the Oregon Pesticide Law.

The guide list will be updated on the ODA webpage as needed. Growers and pesticide applicators are encouraged to check the guide list frequently.

For more information, contact Sunny Jones at (503) 986-4565.

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