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WIRE: Sage Analytics releases 2016 cannabis industry predictions

DENVER — Sage Analytics (, the developers of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, released a forecast on major developments that company management believes will likely occur in 2016 within the legal cannabis industry. These predictions include significant changes in many areas of the industry.

“We are fortunate that we have many of the best thought-leaders in the cannabis business working on our team,” said William Buie, President of Sage Analytics. “We have compiled some of our expectations for 2016, and are sharing them with our colleagues, the media, and the general public.”

  1. California will pass legalized adult-use cannabis, yet implementation of a regulated system will take at least another year. We anticipate complications arising when new laws are scheduled to go into effect, and perhaps even some court challenges. Specifically, growers will no longer be able to sell directly to dispensaries, and all product and testing will be done through licensed distributors.
  2. Technologies from other industries will be adopted. In some areas of the cannabis industry there is a gap between professional-level products that have been proven in other applications, and cheaper, “consumer level” devices. As the industry continues to mature and the demand for quality componentry increases, these lower quality products will fall by the wayside, while products and technologies that are already in use in other areas, such as pharmaceutical and agricultural, will be adopted for more widespread use in the cannabis sector.
  3. Testing labs will change in order to provide quicker, more economical results across a wider spectrum of measurements. We believe that testing will become mandatory for a wider variety of components, including pesticides and molds, along with potencies. With pressure to produce results that more accurately reflect the condition of the entire crop, much larger percentages of the cannabis will need to be tested, resulting in the need to adopt real-time, cost effective measurement devices.
  4. Cannabis legalization will not occur on a federal level. Currently, the country is too divided on the issue of legalizing cannabis to force a federal mandate. However, we anticipate that several other large states may adopt legalized adult-use cannabis. Most significant of these would be Massachusetts, which could eventually act as a catalyst to much of the Eastern United States. However, while cannabis will not be federally legalized in the near future, it is our belief that within the next few years the DEA will declassify cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

Sage Analytics has been one of the most notable companies in the cannabis industry in 2015. The company was nominated for a Cannabist Award as “Breakthrough Product of 2015;” nominated for a Laurel Award as “Most Disruptive Technology;” and nominated as “Most Game Changing/Disruptive Technology” by the CannAwards.

“It’s been a great year for us,” Buie commented, “but the best is yet to come.”

For more information on Sage Analytics’ cannabis testing devices, visit:, or call: 720-282-4550.

About Sage Analytics:

Sage Analytics has created a shift in the cannabis industry by adopting FDA-approved technology currently in use in the pharmaceutical industry, to test potency in marijuana with a high degree of accuracy and affordability. Depending on the application, the devices from Sage Analytics can replace or augment current testing methodologies, which are expensive and often insufficient due to the inherent drawbacks of testing small sample lots that ultimately are destroyed and never sold. Consumers, regulators and business owners are demanding quicker and more accurate testing solutions, and Sage Analytics provides a significant component to improving this industry-wide challenge.

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