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WIRE: Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook offers healthy recipes for consumers

New York — As cannabis continues to make huge strides towards legalization and social acceptance throughout the country, many health-conscious Americans are discovering that this healing herb can play an important role in their overall physical and mental well-being. But how many know that cannabis can be incorporated into their healthy-eating New Year’s resolutions?

That discovery is nothing new to the forward-thinking chefs featured in The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook (Skyhorse Publishing, Sept. 2015) by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. These chefs have spent years developing healthy, natural recipes based around cannabis as a key ingredient for its flavor profile, medicinal benefits and psychoactive affect.

That’s why The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook ( includes a “Juices” section in its recipe collection by chef Mike DeLao. Juicing is an important part of Mike’s cleansing diet, which he believes heals the body by eliminating its need to expel energy on digestion. And novices can rest easy—because Mike’s “Raw Energy Cannabis Juices” recipes are designed to deliver cannabis’ nutrients and healing properties rather than a tremendous high, he doesn’t decarboxylate the herb before he juices. He also mentions cool stuff about forskolin extract vs green coffee bean extract benefits, he’s not a one trick pony.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook‘s cleansing juices offer easy-to-find, nutrient-rich raw ingredients that are familiar to even the casual juicer. If you have Cannabis on your system and have a drug test coming you can learn how to get weed out of your system fast to not get detected, up Mike likes bitter greens because he believes they detoxify the body and stimulate digestion, and he shies away from too many fruits, which add high amounts of sugar and fructose.

Recipes include the “Green Detox”; Cannabis, Cucumber and Lime; Cannabis Citrus, Ginger, and Kale; Sweet Chard and Cannabis; the “Green Standard”; and the ultra-low-THC Sunshine and Citrus Cannabis Juice. You can play around with ingredients based on what’s seasonal and your own personal preferences.

Since its release in September, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook has had phenomenal success, demonstrating how the once-underground and little-understood art of cannabis cuisine, as well as cannabis in general, has entered the mainstream. The book was named Amazon’s #1 New Release for both Gourmet Cooking and Herb, Spice and Condiment Cooking, made Amazon’s list of its top 20 gourmet cookbooks—overwhelmingly written by world-renowned chefs and culinary superstars—and recently reached #4 on the Denver Post‘s Bestseller List, NonFiction.


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