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WIRE: Zoots launches new berry flavored edibles in Washington

SEATTLE, Wash. – Retail stores, budtenders, consumers – fans of Zoots of all kinds – ask the makers of Zoots all the time, when are you going to come out with a new ZootRocks flavor?


The answer? Now.

Introducing ZootBerry ZootRocks, a sweet new option from Zoots, the number-one selling brand of edibles in Washington State. ZootRocks are sweet, hard nuggets with five mg of THC each, and the original two flavors, Chili Cinnamon and Lemongrass, have been the top-selling recreational cannabis-infused edible products in Washington since hitting the market in October of 2014. The only shortcoming, according to fans, was the lack of a berry flavor.

“Feedback from the people who enjoy our products is important to us,” said Zoots product developer Nancy Coltom. “So once we heard berry was their choice for a third rock, we went to work. There are many berry variations and flavors to choose from, but after much trial and experimenting using our proprietary Cypress Extraction Method, we came to ZootBerry, a perfect flavor blend to complement the cannabis.”

ZootBerry ZootRocks feature a blend of natural berry flavors, and, like its predecessors, contain five mg of THC in each rock, are sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan. They also are packaged in the iconic ZootRocks tin, making it small and convenient for transport – easily carried around in a pocket or purse. Unlike the originals, though, ZootBerry ZootRocks sport a new look: round in shape, and with the Zoots “Z” imprinted on each rock.


Db3, the makers of Zoots, was founded by brothers Michael, Dan and Patrick Devlin, and the company was the first to be granted a dual cannabis producer and processor license in Washington state in the summer of 2014. In addition to ZootRocks, the company offers ZootDrops liquid additives, ZootBlast energy shots, and ZootBites brownies. No matter the Zoots product, Db3 strives to provide a consistent experience every time, while also putting the consumer in control of how much THC they are consuming.

ZootBerry ZootRocks are available now at licensed marijuana retailers across Washington State. More information about the entire Zoots product line, including a store finder, details on the care that goes into producing Zoots products, and recommended usage scenarios, also is available at

About Zoots

Zoots are edible cannabis products manufactured by Db3 Incorporated. Founded by brothers Michael, Dan and Patrick Devlin, the company was the first to be granted a cannabis producer and processor license in Washington state. Manufactured in a state of the art, 25,000-square-foot production facility in Seattle, Washington, Zoots products are safe, consistent and enjoyable edibles featuring blends made using the company’s proprietary Cypress extraction process. Whether in food or drink form, Zoots edibles enable consumers to easily identify and control how much THC they are consuming, which promises to ensure enjoyable experiences. For more information about Db3, the makers of Zoots, please visit

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