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WIRE: The Apothecarry Case seeks indiegogo crowd funding

The Apothecarry Case Debut on Indiegogo Will Invigorate the Cannabis Accessories' Market and Culture (PRNewsFoto/Apothecarry Indo-Lifestyle Bran)

LOS ANGELES — Whether you use marijuana to medicate daily, socially, or only on special occasions, Apothecarry brand believes everything in your life should top shelf. And today, Apothecarry is introducing its first product The Apothecarry case on the popular crowdfunding site to raise $50,000 through a rewards based campaign and product pre-sale. The Apothecarry case is a high end luxury organization and storage case made to keep marijuana at its freshest and most optimum conditions. It is high in style, quality and function and designed specifically for the discerning smoker.

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“People who use medical or legal cannabis are professionals, executives, educators and parents.  We aren’t even counter-culture anymore!  Cannabis IS culture!” said founder and CEO Whitney Beatty. “Our goal is to develop high-class, stunning and technologically advanced products that serve to completely redefine the smoking experience. Our goods are not only discreet and practical, but offer the luxury and class that the proud modern smoker demands.”

Cannabis has grown up. With legalization and more medical research than ever before, the public profile of marijuana users is changing from something elicit to something medically needed or personally enjoyed. Consumers are demanding the best smoking experience possible to meet their needs.

“The current market for ancillary cannabis related accouterment, and particularly containers and storage solutions, does not appeal to the lifestyle, needs and aesthetics of today’s cannabis users,” said Beatty. “Consumers are now as selective of the quality of their medicinal and recreational marijuana as they are their whiskey, wine, or craft beer. The Apothecarry Case is the natural next step in the evolution of cannabis”.


Damn near everything. It’s a showpiece, with function. It is crafted from the finest hardwood and uniquely designed to organize everything you need in one place — safely secured with a dual combination and key lock so kids and pets are being kept safe, roommates are kept at bay and nosey visitors won’t see or smell your stash.

The airtight case is separated into two sections to prevent odors like resin from-cross contaminating your fresh herbs. One side to host your strains, dabs and oil canisters, and a separate side that holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes and vaporizers.


Beautiful leather interior, just like your Audi A6, with high density foam to hold jars securely.

Four air-tight humidity jars specially designed to keep air out and regulate the humidity in your jars to 62% humidity, perfect for cannabis, tobacco or herb use, and includes a re-writeable jar label for strain names and insights. PERFECT being the operative word.

Boveda humidity system to keep the trichomes in cannabis from drying out.  This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky enough to preserve the quality, yet dry enough to preserve a nice bun.

Four food grade silicone dab jars and metal dab stick, ideal for use with concentrates and waxes. We are not talking food, juice or cheese though.

Elastic Straps to hold 5 oil canisters upright within the case, helping to minimize spillage and waste. Another tool for reducing your carbon foot print.


Gold rolling tray with cut out for grinder or jar placement and an edge designed for easy rolling & prep work. You don’t have to be a pro roller to appreciate this.

A stunning aluminum alloy 3 chamber grinder with Keef catcher.

Elastic straps for securing vaporizers, oil pens, pipes and other smoking accessories.

A removable nook with cover for holding papers, lighters, wicks, and pipes and other old school paraphernalia.


Join The Movement December 7, 2015: Apothecarry will launch a crowdfunding campaign on offering early adopters and investors an opportunity to be the first to get their hands on Apothecarry case at discounted pricing.

On Sale February 10, 2016: The Apothecarry case will officially go on sale to everyone exclusively at The Apothecarry Case website on2/10/16. The case will retail for $220, but get free shipping in the month of January.

Consumers can choose between a 4 or 8 strain system, each coming equipped with 4 glass containers coated with non-stick silicone for holding dabs and/or oils as well as a high quality metal grinder with filters.

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Don’t just smoke. Imbibe.

About Apothecarry Indo-Lifestyle Brands LLC

Apothecarry Indo-Lifestyle brand designs and sells high quality, high end cannabis accouterments for the discriminating connoisseur.  We  provide products and systems that help make imbibing easier, safer and more reliable than ever before, which allows our customer to get the best smoking experience possible from their medication.

Apothecarry was founded in 2015 by 37-year-old Michigan State alumni and Los Angeles based TV Executive Whitney Beatty. After meeting many like-minded cannabis users who lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids and pets and who were tired of searching around in hidden baggies their dried out stash, the Apothecarry was born.  The brand seeks to redefine the image of cannabis users who take pride and pleasure in their stash, while filling a void in the marijuana paraphernalia market for everyone from the attorneys who toke after a high powered workday, to the “stiletto stoners” who are hosting ladies’ night, to those using medicinally for health benefits and everyone in between who demands the best in all things. We take pride in representing the millions of men and women across the country who take pride in working hard, raising families, and enjoying medical marijuana.

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