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WIRE: Evolve Marijuana launches original Washington line of strains

SEATTLE, Nov. 18, 2015 — The Cannabis Seed Co., a US based company specializing in cannabis genetics, today announced the launch of their brand, Evolve Marijuana. The Cannabis Seed Co., a marijuana producer in Washington, is laying the groundwork to take Evolve Marijuana to the national stage.

The Cannabis Seed Co. is collaborating with cannabis producers throughout the state of Washington, building a community of dedicated entrepreneurs selected for their talent, passion, tenacity and desire to build their cannabis business. The unique line of strains are both cultivated and brought to market by the independent marijuana producing companies. An elite group of cannabis cultivators were selected to be key players in the growth of a national brand. “This collaboration will create a premier American brand, marijuana exclusively created and expertly grown in America,” said Caline Bruyn, CEO of The Cannabis Seed Co.

Entering both the recreational and medicinal markets, Evolve strains are designed in a Cannabis breeding and seed cultivation warehouse in Northwest Washington. With a large breeding stock, a collection including landrace and classic Indica and Sativa genetics, Evolve strains have captured the best of their lineage to create the intended experience.

The key idea behind Evolve Marijuana is it is the growth and success of the independent companies that produce Evolve Marijuana, by which The Cannabis Seed Co. will measure its success. Commented the CEO: “Sharing strategies that have delivered exceptional performance and bringing together the entrepreneurial talents of others allows us all to benefit from the knowledge and expertise the Evolve community collectively has.”

Evolve Marijuana is purposely designed to create a distinctive experience. Caline Bruyn added, “The art of breeding cannabis is leading the way to a more potent plant, but more importantly the flavors, aromas and effects have evolved, making the marijuana experience so much more than just a high.”

As one of the first major brands emerging from Washington, the goal of Evolve Marijuana is to change past perceptions of marijuana by building a nationally recognized recreational and medicinal brand that not only stands for premium organically grown cannabis, but one that is known for its ethical, moral and sustainable business practices and philanthropic endeavors.

The Evolve Marijuana line will include flower, concentrates, edibles, oils, beverages and medicinal marijuana, all products produced by independent growers using strains created at The Cannabis Seed Co. A collaboration providing uniquely branded specialty goods for the cannabis market that will be available exclusively in retail shops in Washington State in spring of 2016.

The Cannabis Seed Co. ( is a woman-owned cannabis genetics company founded in 2013 in Bellingham, Washington. Caline Bruyn, the owner and CEO, a baby boomer and self-proclaimed “Queen Bee of Cannabis”, is using the Evolve Marijuana website ( to educate responsible adults on the nuances of enjoying marijuana, from strain selection to expectations.

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