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WIRE: Rocky Mountain High gets trademark for new CBD line

DALLAS — Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCPK:RMHB) announced today that they have received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on their new Blue Leaf design. Upon completion of the process showing that the mark is in service, a trademark will be issued.

When the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) intends to issue a trademark, it sends the applicant a Notice of Allowance. For this to happen, an applicant provides information such as product description, design, and blueprints or drawings. A patent examiner then processes the patent application, and ultimately decides whether a patent should be issued. For the patent to be issued, the applicant must complete two additional steps after receiving the notice — pay the required issue fee and submit any final drawings. In the United States, a Trademark is a form of legal protection granted to the assignee.

Currently, Rocky Mountain High Brands is marketing and selling a line-up of beverages in the marketplace that contain 100 mg of hempseed extract in each 12 oz. can. Seeds of the plant cannabis sativa – also known as hemp seed, contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life. No other single plant source has the essential acids in such an easily digestible form, nor has the essential fatty acids in as perfect a ratio to meet the nutritional needs of human beings. Thus, hemp seed and hemp seed oil may be considered to be the most nutritionally complete food source in the world.

In the very near future, Rocky Mountain High Brands will launch a line-up of their Blue Leaf beverages that will include 25mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per container. To learn more about the numerous consumer benefits of CBD, please click on the following link:

See the new Rocky Mountain High Hemp Beverage can:

One of the most famous shapes in the world is the iconic contour fluted lines of the Coca-Cola bottle. In 1906, The Coca-Cola Company introduced a diamond shaped label with a colorful trademark to stand out from the infringers. On November 16th, 1915 incorporated into the lettering on the final design of the bottle. It is interesting to note that the patent submission was made without the signature embossed Coca-Cola script lettering. This was done to protect the secrecy of the design and the ultimate client.

“Consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and designs and the reputation that such brands represent. We believe the new Rocky Mountain High’s Blue Leaf conveys a positive, intellectual and emotional message in people’s minds. Trademarks and design patents provide value beyond our core business and will help pave the way for expansion of a worldwide market and increase the valuation of the Company,” said Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of Rocky Mountain High Brands.

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