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WIRE: Sage Analytics adds data storage to its cannabis testing system

LAS VEGAS — Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced that it will unveil significant new features and improvements to the Beacon at the .

The Beacon is the first portable device to bring instantaneous laboratory-quality potency measurements to the cannabis industry.


The Beacon was developed by Sage Analytics, a sister company of Prozess Technologie – a leader in providing FDA-approved testing devices to the pharmaceutical industry. Now, the same technology used by virtually all of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers to test the potency of millions of prescription and over-the-counter medicines each day, is available to growers, producers, laboratories, and dispensaries in the marijuana industry.

Unlike other testing methods, which use harmful chemicals that destroy the cannabis and can only be used by trained technicians, the Beacon uses a beam of light to measure potency at the molecular level; and is safe, quick and easy to use by virtually anyone. And while other testing methods require the sample to be sent to a lab, the Beacon can be used right at the point of purchase to show patients and consumers the potency of the flower or extract that want to purchase.

Next Generation Data Storage

The next-generation Beacon units have a special USB port that can export data, so now users of the device can keep a permanent record of each sample tested. This is important for a variety of reasons, including checking for variances, trends, and to maintain quality control.

The device can also be used “behind the counter” at dispensaries to test product before it is placed for sale.

“I recently had a conversation with a dispensary owner who uses a Beacon to test cannabis as it arrives from the grower,” said Dr. Chad Lieber, chief scientist and co-founder of Sage Analytics. “He was thrilled that he was able to immediately test the incoming product and discover that its potency was not as stated. He was able to negotiate a better price, saving him thousands of dollars on just that one transaction.”

Growers will also love the Beacon’s new data collection feature, as they can instantly measure and record the potency of their grow. The Beacon is so fast and precise, that a grower can measure each individual plant, or even each individual bud, if desired.

The Beacon also helps testing labs increase their thru-put, and provides a powerful tool to increase productivity without adding additional overhead.

“Everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere can benefit from using a Beacon,” Lieber said. “It provides fast, affordable potency results; and now with our new data collection module, I believe it will become a highly sought after device within many sectors of the cannabis industry.”

Sage Analytics will be demonstrating the new Beacon cannabis potency testing device at the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo – Booth 406; November 11-13, 2015 at the Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino

For more information, visit: or call: 720-282-4550.

About Sage Analytics:

Sage Analytics is a sister company to Prozess Technologie, a leading developer of laboratory-grade, potency measurement tools for the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries, where accuracy is mandatory. Sage products incorporate proprietary optical spectroscopy, and provide greater reliability, accuracy and confidence to the cannabis industry.

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