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WIRE: Brightfield Group releases Ohio marijuana market overview

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 3, 2015 — Today, Brightfield Group, the premiere market research firm focused on the legal cannabis industry, released the Ohio Marijuana Market Overview. The goal is to help investors and entrepreneurs take advantage of an estimated $750 million first year retail sales, should cannabis legalization pass in today’s vote.

This report is the newest addition to the Brightfield Group research portfolio on the cannabis market and cannabis consumer at the city, state, and national level (the company charges $350 for its state profiles). This research includes market sizes and forecasts for flower, edibles, concentrates, and infused products; brand share tracking; consumer profiles and buying behaviors; and detailed analysis of local market drivers and dynamics.

Ohio could represent a major shift in the national debate by becoming the first Midwestern state to allow adult use of marijuana. The Ohio cannabis consumer is different than the West Coast consumer and their demographics and buying patterns will shape the Ohio market differently than what has been seen in states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado.

The Brightfield Group report forecasts how the Ohio retail market will take shape if Issue 3 passes or if Issue 3 fails and medical marijuana ends up on ballot in 2016; what products (such as edibles or concentrates) will grow fastest, where, who will be buying which products, and why consumers make those choices. The report also provides detailed analysis of the risks and opportunities to investors and entrepreneurs entering this market. Although most media focus has centered on the limited number of growers specified in Ohio Legislation Issue 3, there are tremendous opportunities in other parts of the market that the Brightfield Group report highlights.

“We’re very proud to help companies increase their revenues in this rapidly expanding industry. So many people have told us there is a real dearth of reliable information on the industry that they can use to make strategic decisions,” said Patrick Hayden, President of Brightfield.

Brightfield Group uses a sophisticated, multi-source methodology consisting of statistical analysis, desk analysis, in-depth interviews, surveys, and site visits. To find out more about Brightfield Group or the Ohio Marijuana Market Overview report go to

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