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EVENTS: Green Soldiers Healers hosts veterans fundraiser on Nov. 8

LOS ANGELES  On Sunday, November 8, Green Soldiers Healers, Refined Bud, Kiva Chocolate, Making You Better Brands, Altai and other sponsors will host Veterans Fair for veterans and community members to learn more about the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

In addition to the Fair where veterans and community members can peruse booths by sponsored organizations, experts within the cannabis field and others knowledgeable on veteran issues will be hosting short talks to help veterans (and community members) understand some of the pros and cons surrounding medical marijuana in the state of California.

“These men and women have honorably served our country and often face insurmountable challenges when returning home,” said Denise, Founder of Green Soldiers Healers. “Veterans and community members are curious about cannabis and want to learn more about the medicinal benefits of the plant. Too many Americans rely on an unhealthy cocktail of prescription medications. There’s an alternative.”

The Veterans Fair costs 10 dollars in advance and 15 dollars at the door with all the proceeds going to Veterans for Natural Rights, a national organization dedicated to removing barriers for veterans to access medicine that alleviates ailments related to service. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.

“This event will help dispel myths about cannabis use while also raising money for the charity. “We serve our country, and when we return, our country turns its back on us,” said Matthew Kahl, Executive Director of Veterans for Natural Rights. “The suicide rate among veterans is astonishing, and yet our lawmakers deny us access to natural medicine that greatly diminishes our suffering.”

The event, hosted at the Westside Pavilion (10800 West Pico Boulevard, Suite 312, Los Angeles, CA 90064) on November 8th, will begin at noon and run till 3:30. Light refreshments will be provided.

“We want to reconnect veterans to their community,” said Linsey Pecikonis, Founder of Refined Bud.

To learn more about the Veteran event on November 8th, please email The event is hosted by Green Soldiers Healers, Refined Bud, Making You Better Brands, Kiva, Altai, and more.

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