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WIRE: G FarmaLabs launches new cannabis brand in Washington

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct. 28, 2015 — Today, G FarmaLabs, a premier California-based cultivator and processor/manufacturer of medical and adult use marijuana products, announced the launch of its holding company, G FarmaBrands.

The new brand will act as an umbrella for the various subsidiary and affiliated companies, effectively operating in a decentralized manner.

While sharing common goals and values, each entity under G FarmaBrands will have its own identity, workplace culture, and way of doing business. The company will diversify its consumer offerings into separate scalable product lines. In addition, G FarmaBrands will be operated by a roster of recently hired C-level executives who each bring a distinct skill set and array of management and development expertise to the brand.

G FarmaBrands’ new structure presents each of the companies’ brands as a distinct silo of individual business units. These include those that “touch the leaf,” such as G FarmaLabs CA. & G FarmaLabs WA. (cultivation and processing) who produces, Liquid Gold (cannabis oil extracts, edibles, and vapes), GBrands (pre-rolled cannabis, chocolates, cannabis oil extracts), Karma (organic cannabis extracts, chocolates and products); and those that “don’t touch the leaf” such as: GFarma.News and GFarma.TV, a collective of lifestyle/investigative digital news sources. In addition, the G FarmaBrands imprint will be the face of all future brands developed or acquired.

“We couldn’t be more excited to roll out G FarmaBrands to Washington and the world,” said Ata Gonzalez, Founder, G FarmaLabs. “This initiative is a step in a new direction of growth for us and represents a long planned move to evolve a stand-alone cannabis brand into a vibrant ecosystem of separate product offerings. The launch of the new holding company will also allow each brand to operate its business in a more effective way thanks to the appointment of top industry talent to the C-level roster, each of whom can help to drive the group’s growth.”

G FarmaBrands’ new CEO, Dr. Cristina Gonzalez, will be responsible for commandeering the holding company’s overall vision on a global scale. Gonzalez is a licensed pharmacist in two states and will use her two decades of retail pharmacy experience to progress the group’s long-range strategy of continued growth, consumer relations and leadership in operating procedures within the industry. Dr. Gonzalez replaces current G FarmaLabs CEO, Ata Gonzalez, who will be taking a consultation role along with his wife, as Founders of G FarmaLabs and G FarmaBrands respectively.

“The family run and operated culture within our headquarters will only intensify, Ata and Nicole’s vision will stay our foundation, their future vision will remain the eye glasses our team sees through and the professional leadership of our new executives will only help solidify the brands democratic identity across the globe,” said Dr. Cristina Gonzalez, CEO, G FarmaBrands. “G FarmaBrands will continue innovating and pushing the pack forward every step of the way.”

Rounding out G FarmaBrand’s C-level team is Berto Torres – an 18 year veteran in the field of business operations management has been an integral part of G FarmaLabs’ early development, having been with the company since its inception, and Julian Boothe, the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer, and former Vice President of Slip N Slide Records, along with Edwin Nunez will continue his role as Chief Branding Officer, leading all branding efforts moving forward.

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