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WIRE: Social campaign launches to legalize cannabis by 04/20/2020


DENVER, Oct. 26, 2015 — A voice for the new generation of cannabis culture is emerging with the mission to legalize cannabis by 04/20/2020.


The social cannabis campaign #mission420 has already accumulated 7,500+ shares across social networks in its first few weeks.

Founder of Bee-High and creator of #mission 420, Travis Lachner, reveals “Until now. There hasn’t been a platform of activism that really connects with the millennial mindset.”

The #mission420 campaign is maximizing reach with a series of provocative millennial-style articles. The pro-cannabis stories are formatted with short paragraphs, shareable micrographics, and dashes of data visualization.

These articles currently include:

  1. Legalizing Cannabis Will Help End Racism in America
  2. Legalizing Cannabis Will Save Lives From Tobacco Deaths
  3. Legalizing Cannabis Will Save Lives From Prescription Drug Deaths

In addition to sharing these articles; visitors can complete small tasks of activism with ease.

It only takes two clicks to send pre-written messages to their state representative to support pro-cannabis initiatives.

Thousands of subscribers that join with their email address are sent weekly “mini-missions” encouraging small doses of activism that add up to make a big impact.

“There are people doing amazing work on the legislative side of legalization.” Lachner says. “But the final push of momentum will be educating public opinion and getting young voters in front of their ballots.”

The campaign is even selling apparel to help reach success. Proceeds from #mission420 apparel are donated to directly support cannabis legalization initiatives as well.

After igniting with a wave of success, the campaign is now expanding to connect with strategic partners in the industry to amplify impact.

For more info, visit:

CONTACT: Travis Lachner (719) 649-2329 ###

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