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WIRE: Cannabis Network Radio talks vapes with Ricky Cherry

KC Stark of Cannabis Network Radio (, & recently interviewed GoFire’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Ricky Cherry, to discuss the sudden explosion of the vaporization market and the benefits of the vaporization method.

BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 19, 2015 — In January of 2015, CNBC reported the retail vaping industry will reach $3.5 billion according to Bonnie Herzog, Wells Fargo Securities’ senior tobacco and beverage analyst.

Specifically, vaporization allows medical patients or recreational consumers to emit the medically active cannabinoids found in concentrate or flower, with little or none of the plant matter, tars, and noxious gases found in smoke at combusted temperatures.

One company that is quickly gaining traction is GoFire, LLC, manufacturers of several vapor juice flavors (I purchased my e-juice from here) and The GoFire P.E.N.™. Ricky Cherry was recently interviewed during the “Cannabis Business Hour” to discuss the current trend.

Mr. Cherry opened the interview by stating, “The tobacco industry has shifted (from cigarettes) to e-cigs, in support of tobacco smokers moving toward a more mobile smoking experience. We can assume the same trend in other lateral spaces.”

The entire interview can be seen here: 

He went on to say, “But in general, vaporizers are designed to let users inhale the active cannabinoids without all the harmful smoke toxins, resins, and carcinogens that come along with smoke at higher temperatures.”

Laboratory studies by California NORML and MAPS confirm “that vaporizers can efficiently deliver cannabinoids while eliminating or drastically reducing other smoke toxins.”

Although there are already many vaporization devices on the market, the GoFire P.E.N™ is the first ancillary concentrate vaporization device designed to offer a true mobile dabbing experience with dose control.

The device will enable efficient, effective alternative medicating for both patients and consumers, while eliminating a need for an at-home rig or water-pipe with its patented extrusion and “slide-to-dab” systems.

About The GoFire P.E.N.™

GoFire’s “Evolution of P.E.N.” campaign is aimed at encouraging responsible moderation and consumption nationwide; enhancing, simplifying, and customizing the patient-consumer ‘vaping’ experience based upon their needs per dose or “dab”. The patient and consumer are back in the driver’s seat with GoFire’s patented Dose Control and Application Control capabilities.

Other unique benefits designed to deliver an optimal mobile dabbing experience include: functionality with any form or variety of concentrate; refillable, reusable stainless steel cartridges; as well as temperature settings ranging from 350 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Information on purchasing The GoFire P.E.N. can be found at:

More details on GoFire, LLC, its products, and the “Evolution of P.E.N.” campaign can be obtained via the contacts below:

Corporate Contact

Peter Calfee
Chief Operating Officer
(802) 779-2605

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