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OLCC lists fees, new draft rules for Oregon recreational cannabis

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission released updated draft rules for recreational cannabis businesses on Friday.

The release included a potential list of application fees for new companies:


(1) At the time of application an applicant must pay a:

(a) $250 non-refundable application fee; and (b) $50 criminal background check fee.

(2) If the commission approves an application and grants a license, permit or certificate the following fees must be paid, prorated for an initial license that is issued for six months or less:

(a) Producers: (A) Tier I $3750 (B) Tier II $5750 (b) Processors: $4750 (c) Wholesalers: $4750 (d) Retailers: $4750 (e) Laboratories: $4750 (f) Marijuana handlers: $100 (g) Research Certificate: $4750

(3) At the time of application renewal an applicant must pay a:

(a) $250 non-refundable application fee; and (b) $50 criminal background check fee, if required.

(4) If the commission approves a renewal application the renewal license, permit or certificate fees must be paid in the amounts specified in subsection (2) of this rule.

(5) The Commission shall charge the following fees:

(a) Criminal background checks: $100 (b) Change of ownership review: $1000 (c) Change in business structure review: $1000 (d) Transfer of location of premises review: $1000 (e) Packaging preapproval: $100 (f) Labeling preapproval: $100

Another controversial aspect of the draft rules notes that recreational cannabis businesses can’t be located on the same site as medical cannabis dispensaries:

Licensed Premises Restrictions and Requirements

(1) A licensed premises may not be located:

(a) On federal property.

(b) At the same physical location or address as a: (A) Medical marijuana grow site registered under ORS 475.304, unless the grow site is also licensed under section 116, chapter 614, Oregon laws 2015; (B) Medical marijuana processing site registered under section 85, chapter 614, Oregon Laws 2015; or (C) Medical marijuana dispensary registered under ORS 475.314.

The full document is here: DraftRules_RAC_10-2015


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