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WIRE: MedMen and MedReleaf partner on new products, software

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2015 — U.S. cannabis consulting and management company MedMen is proud to announce a partnership with MedReleaf Corp., one of the largest licensed medical cannabis producers and distributors in Canada. The partnership will bring MedMen to Canada to help further optimize MedReleaf’s operations with a specific focus on infused and extract product lines. Reciprocally, MedReleaf will be expanding into the U.S. where MedMen will manufacture and distribute MedReleaf’s premium products.

MedMen brings its operational expertise in cannabis cultivation and extraction to further enhance MedReleaf’s operations. MedReleaf services thousands of patients daily, a number that is only increasing as the industry continues to open up. MedMen will consult on extraction methodologies, manufacturing methodologies, cultivation methodologies, product development, packaging and marketing, and SOPs.

In addition to consulting services, MedMen will provide MedReleaf with a license to use MedMen’s proprietary tracking software. The software program is a seed‑to‑ship physical tracking system that constantly checks the vital signs of a macro‑sized grow operation. It collects operation improvement data, provides long‑term forecasting, resource planning, purchasing assistance, and full recall trace protection. The program handles cultivation, extraction, and production.

As part of the new agreement, MedMen will produce MedReleaf’s first-rate products to be sold in the US under MedMen’s client-operated facilities and the two leading organizations will seek to collaborate in other jurisdictions and markets.

“MedReleaf is the leading supplier in Canada and recognizes the importance of producing high-quality medical cannabis while maintaining industrial-level quality controls,” says Adam Bierman, CEO of MedMen. “We are very excited to combine our cultivation and extraction techniques with MedReleaf’s current operations to better serve the increasing demand.” MedReleaf CEO Neil Closnerwill join MedMen’s Board of Advisors effective immediately.

Please contact Ada Lee at 310-299-7860 or for more information.

About MedMen

MedMen is the foremost turnkey management company providing services for the marijuana industry. Since 2010, MedMen has helped more than 100 businesses navigate the complexities of entering and succeeding in the legal marijuana market, from effectively completing state applications to managing the day-to-day operations of a mature business. Founded by entrepreneurs Adam Biermanand Andrew Modlin, MedMen brings together expertise in three critical areas—licensing, design and management—to help businesses enter the industry, maximize their space and brand identity, and grow a legitimate and stable operation. For more information about MedMen and to view the MedMen’s guide to cultivating and managing legal marijuana, visit

About MedReleaf

MedReleaf is the leading, research and development driven, medical cannabis producer in Canada. The Company offers the finest range of premium cannabis products sourced from around the globe and cultivated in its Ontario facility under the strictest guidelines and care. MedReleaf focuses on quality, safety, uniformity, and reliability, to improve the quality of life for its patients. With quality assurance at the core of every product produced, MedReleaf is setting The Medical Grade Standard™. Through clinical research initiatives in concert with the Canadian medical community, MedReleaf is consistently striving to unlock the immense potential of medical cannabis, and is dedicated to leading the way in the discovery of its medical and therapeutic benefits.

For more information on MedReleaf, it’s products and processes, please visit


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