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Living: Pro tips on storing your cannabis

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

There are so many things you don’t realize you want until the gourmet cannabis bug bites you.

One of those things, for me at least, is a good storage system that keeps your buds and other plant material as fresh and potent as possible.

So when I saw a release from Santa Cruz Bakeware about a storage product, called the Greenskeeper, I decided to give one of the owners a call and ask for some consumer tips.


Michael Jessup, the co-founder and head of product development, said there are three major factors you should consider when storing your pot.

“The first is humidity control – so it doesn’t dry,” Jessup said. “You also want your container to be airtight and you want UV (ultraviolet light) protection.”

Many consumers store their cannabis in mason jars – since they provide an airtight seal, but cannabis still dries out in those jars because they don’t have humidity control, he said.

Plastic bags, though, are far worse.

“Being a new smoker (he started about three years ago), and not doing it often, I’d come home with cannabis in a pill jar or plastic bag,” Jessup said. “I’d come back and pull it out the next week and it would be all brown and crusty.”

Cannabis should be stored in an airtight container in a dark place with good humidity control – but he couldn’t find a storage container that met all the criteria. So Jessup’s idea for the Greenskeeper came out of his own necessity, he said.

The Greenskeeper system can hold between three and five strains of cannabis and has a labeling system that can be reused. It’s made with PBA-free plastic and has two main chambers. The bottom chamber is where your humidity packs or beads go, and the upper chamber (which has pot-holding containers inside), which has an airtight closed lid with a release valve.

“It pushes as much air out as it can,” Jessup said. “And then the air that’s left in there, with the humidity packs, it maintains a level of 62 percent humidity constantly.”

The outer lid is also coated in a UV protective substance – which means you can actually store your cannabis in the light, on a coffee table or kitchen counter, without worrying that the UV light will destroy your trichomes and lessen the potency of your cannabis.

The system also works very well for folks that like to grind their cannabis before storing it.

“If you grind your cannabis, it will typically dry out faster under normal circumstances,” Jessup said. “But with the humidity system you can grind it and it won’t dry out.”

Personally, I keep my cannabis in four-ounce jelly jars used for canning – and I keep them in a relatively dark set of drawered cabinets. That works pretty well for me, but I’d also love to have a place to keep my favorite strains out on the countertop for easy access, so this could be a handy gadget.

Another thing that the company is eager to do is to make a product that looks good to older cannabis users. It’s not covered or colored with traditional stoner logos – instead it’s far more elegant looking.

“There are a lot of people that don’t want to go to a head shop and buy some glass jar with a Rasta flag on it,” Jessup said. “We wanted to bring real design to this.”

The system will retail for $60 when finished, if the indiegogo campaign is fully funded. If all goes well, the first units will ship in March, 2016, he said.

The company is trying to raise $125,000 in a 60-day campaign so it can begin production. In the first three days, it had gathered $5,665.

“We wanted to do this without corporate sponsorship – so we’re trying to get the community to help us,” Jessup said. “We don’t need help from corporate America.”

Here’s the company’s video from the Greenskeeper Indiegogo Campaign:


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