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Strain Sheet: Moxey’s Mints from Botanica Seattle

Moxey’s Mints from Botanica Seattle


Reviewer: Sue Vorenberg
Product: Moxey’s Mints (comes in a 15-serving tin, 5 mg per serving)(Sold at High End Market Place)
Producer: Botanica Seattle (Washington)
Onset time: I took two mints, which should be about 10 mg of THC. Took about two hours to kick in (of note: Edibles don’t always work well on me – others might have a stronger reaction).
Fade: About four hours
Strength: Mild, good beginner product
Tingling (where did you feel it): Nose bridge, mouth, bottoms of feet, slightly in the shoulders. Tingles aren’t very pronounced.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Great, but this doesn’t have much of a head high.
Emotions: Relaxed, calm
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Moderate (didn’t make me sleepy, like some edibles do)
Taste: Very strong mint – reminds me a little of Altoids. Not too sweet and no weed taste.
Relieves: Sore, tired muscles.
Positives: Muscles feel relaxed. Not much of a head buzz but the body feels good.
Negatives: I probably should have tried three servings. Two didn’t do very much to me.
Other notes: Great example of when Washington I-502 packaging requirements seem like overkill – every mint is individually wrapped in plastic. Edibles can be notoriously inconsistent – and they don’t work well on me – so I’d still suggest trying one 5-mg dose first, especially if you’re new to cannabis. You can always take more later if you don’t feel it about a few hours. Good product for taking the edge off of body aches without losing mental function.

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