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Strain Sheet: Sour Diesel from Dank Colorado

Sour Diesel from Dank Colorado


Reviewer: Syndicate
Strain (name, sativa, indica, any interesting info about it): Sour Diesel (Sativa believed to be descended from Chemdog, Northern Lights and an unknown Skunk phenotype) (THC 22.23%).
Grower: Dank Colorado
Onset time (When did you ingest/when did it kick in): The onset was quick and hit a little like a velvet fist. I kinda liked it! The high kept building, so it’s a bit of a creeper.
Fade (When do you no longer feel it): I was rung early, and then it faded to a steady high that lasted a good 40-45 minutes.
Strength: Strong and doesn’t mess around, like a good diesel should. You don’t need to take a lot of hits to get a good high from this strain.
Tingling (where on your body did you feel it): Right behind the eyes for me, and moved to back of my head and out.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc.): Yes, but I kept it to two hits and let it sink in. It does come on strong, and that can geek some folks. Try a puff or two, then let it sink in.
Emotions: Up-beat and in a creative mood, I like a snappy Sativa strain. A good Sour-D should be energizing, and Dank doesn’t disappoint.
Paranoia: Maybe take it a little slow if you’re a newbie to high THC strains.
Energy level: Very good, stimulating and pronounced. Maybe a little hyper. Doesn’t have a bad duh-factor like some strains. I can get things done on Sour Diesel.
Look: Nice! Good green base with pronounced orange hairs all over the place. All covered in white crystals and trichromes.
Smell: Not really skunky to me, more of a Rhubarb and earthy smell. Thick and comforting.
Taste: In the pipe it has an earthy and tangy first hit, with after tastes of that chemically not quit gas flavor. It’s like loving the smell of gasoline. In a good way! Now in the vaporizer, I swear it tastes like Rhubarb. Tangy and pungent. Yum.
Relieves: I think this a good strain for stress and motivation, and has some pain-relieving effects. Not a heavy pain relief stain, but something to get you up and moving.
Positives: I was up and focused as it settled in, and the high is strong and lasting.
Negatives: It could ring your bell early, but you’ll be up in no time.

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