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Strain Sheet: Golden Goat from Dank Colorado


Golden Goat from Dank Colorado

Reviewer: Syndicate
Strain (name, sativa, indica, any interesting info about it): Golden Goat (Sativa-dominant hybrid of Hawaiian, Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk)
Grower: Dank Colorado
Onset time (When did you ingest/when did it kick in): The Golden Goat had a nice immediate buzz that settled in with the first hit.
Fade (When do you no longer feel it): The high faded after about 30 to 45 min.
Strength: Good strength, Golden Goat is known for having a high THC content (23% in this case). Each hit had an effect and a little creep as the high settled in; but nothing too overpowering for a high THC strain.
Tingling (where on your body did you feel it): From the first hit, I felt a tingle in my chest and face that spread into a nice relaxing buzz.
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Control was not an issue, but I found it a giggly and goofy strain. Fun but controllable.
Emotions: Uplifting, humorous and motivating.
Paranoia: Not for me, unless some is watching…
Energy level: Up and steady. Good for motivating yourself during the day, or a good-time party weed.
Look: Pretty and golden with well pronounced orange hairs; some with hints of red. Good for a mechanically trimmed nugget. (Some Trichomes are lost in the mechanical trim processes.)
Smell: To me it has a good Lemony Pine Pledge smell. Kind of a citrus base with a spice like overtone.
Taste: Through the pipe it tasted herby but not spicy, and was smooth and slightly earth/musty in a good way.

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