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Cedar Creek Cannabis to sell high CBD oil to rec stores

(Visiting Cedar Creek's CO2 extract machine)

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Cedar Creek Cannabis, a Tier 2 producer/processor in Vancouver, Washington, has been growing like gangbusters over the last several months.


The company’s wide array of strains and strain-specific vapes have been increasingly popular in Washington’s recreational market – with Cedar Creek now ranking as the third largest Tier 2 and 17th largest grower overall in the state.

And now Cedar Creek is planning to launch a new product that could be helpful to medical marijuana patients – even though under Washington’s I-502 law company officials can’t talk about its medicinal use. (The state has a clause that says recreational cannabis companies can’t make any medical claims about their products).

“Although we can’t make medical claims, there has been great demand for CBD products like this on the market,” said Ann’ette Pedigo, who owns the company with her partner, Mark Michaelson. “We figure CBD folks will know what it is.”

Full Extract Cannabis Oil is a high CBD, high potency product that uses the whole cannabis plant. It’s often used to treat chronic pain, cancer, AIDS and other ailments in the medical market.

Cedar Creek plans to release 7 gram dropper bottles of a high CBD oil that’s very similar to FECO (using alcohol and CO2 extraction) to recreational stores in the next few weeks.

On the medical side, FECO patients are typically advised to consume 1 gram per day.

But the product also has many uses for recreational consumers looking for high CBD products, Pedigo said.

“People can use it in baking, for making their own topicals, or they can ingest it,” Pedigo said.

The oil gets a bit sticky at room temperature, but can be easily consumed by adding it to hot tea or coffee, she added.

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Once Washington state starts issuing medical marijuana designations for growers and stores, Cedar Creek hopes to add it to the list of products for patients – which will let some Washington medical marijuana card holders purchase it tax-free. But for now the product is strictly recreational, Pedigo said.

The company’s strain specific vape line is also growing rapidly, said Brittny Houghton, who heads up Cedar Creek’s vape and concentrate department.

“It’s really building up – I have our machine running every day of the week,” Houghton said.

The strain specific line includes: OG Kush, Chemdog, Jack Herer, King Tut, Sweet and Sour Widow, 101 Headband, Dairy Queen, Ox, Presidential Kush, 501st and a newer product called Peacemaker, which recently tested at 41.90 percent CBD and 21.09 percent THC.

“We’re thrilled with those numbers for Peacemaker,” Houghton said. “There’s a huge demand for high CBD products on the market, and we think people will love it.”

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  1. The Washington medical marjuana card holders card holders will be able to purchase it tax free.

    Let’s restate it to Washington medical marjuana card holders will be able to purchase it sales tax free. We will still have to pay the 37% marjuana state tax. It will not be TAX FREE like my prescriptions from a pharmacy

    • I think the new (and somewhat scary) patient registration will make it excise tax free as well, but I’ll have to double check. I hope insurance companies will start covering medical marijuana prescriptions soon. It’s a horrible burden on patients. Thanks for the comment!

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