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Sage Analytics introduces new cannabis potency testing system


BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Sage Analytics (, the developers of a new generation of portable, laboratory-quality cannabis potency measurement systems, announced today that the company is shipping the first Luminary™ Beacons to select dispensaries nationwide. The device has been in development and refinement for more than a year, and its highly anticipated market debut is predicted to change the way marijuana is tested and sold.

The portable device can be used anywhere in the cannabis life-cycle, from growing, to production, to dispensing, as well as for use in labs, and regulatory or law enforcement capacities.

“Now, for the first time, a consumer can test their cannabis prior to purchase in a dispensary or collective,” said Dr. Chad Lieber, chief scientist and co-founder of Sage Analytics. “Growers can get accurate numbers from their harvest without waiting days for the results, and producers of extracts can obtain potency results in real time during the production cycle.”

At the heart of the Luminary™ Beacon is a proprietary predictive modeling database, which was developed in conjunction with the only U.S. university that is sanctioned as a federal marijuana research lab and a premier private laboratory.

The systems are designed by Prozess Technologie, a sister company to Sage Analytics, and a world-leader in the development of spectroscopy testing devices for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The innovative system comes with an attachable label generator that will print each tested sample’s percentages of key constituents, such as THC, CBD, and their respective acids.

“There are some regulations regarding the testing of cannabis in a few states, but protocols and standardizations have been hard to establish,” Lieber said. “We believe that by demonstrating that we can produce accurate and repeatable results from an inexpensive and portable system, we can significantly impact the market and create a ‘new normal’ of marijuana testing and labeling.”

For information on pricing and demo opportunities, visit: or call: 720-282-4550.

About Sage Analytics:

Sage Analytics develops laboratory-grade, marijuana potency measurement tools that enhance the current state of potency profiling of THC, CBD and CBN content by adding accuracy, portability, convenience and test affordability to a greater reach of the industry’s participants.  Sage products incorporate optical spectroscopy, a highly accurate and mature technology for chemical and property measurement, in use by most of the top pharmaceutical companies for their precision measurement needs. The mission of Sage Analytics is to bring greater reliability, consumer awareness and confidence to the cannabis industry.

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