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It’s time to change the way we talk about cannabis

By Sue Vorenberg
Cannabis Daily Record

Teens and young adults have a habit of seeing liquor, cannabis or any other drug as a thrill ride.

At that age, it seems cool to binge.

Your friends binge. You talk about getting “wicked hammered” or “baked off your ass.” You play drinking or smoking games to see who passes out first. You laugh at each other as you struggle to maintain control.

While at age 45, I don’t want to encourage that sort of destructive behavior, but I do understand it. I behaved the same way when I was young.

And then I grew up – and so did a lot of other drinkers and cannabis users.


But when it comes to the adult recreational market, the language of legal liquor has matured much more than the language of legal cannabis.

Craft beer and wine enthusiasts love talking endlessly about the nuances in flavor and craftsmanship of brewers and vintners. There are dozens of gourmet magazines, tourism experiences and tasting opportunities for them all over the country.

The way we talk about cannabis, on the other hand, often seems stunted and perpetually trapped in the language of teen outlaws. It’s the “sticky icky,” “dank buds” and “super chronic dude” type of discussion that to me, as an adult, seems both poorly descriptive and aimed not at the gourmet cannabis experience, but at binge smoking.

And that’s not to say there isn’t a place in the wide world of cannabis for that.

But we also need a place where we can talk about pot like adults and connaisseurs. Where we can talk about the subtleties of terpenes and cannabinoids and how they enhance the experience.

For the adult market, the gourmet cannabis experience isn’t about getting as messed up as possible. The wide array of strains and products – when taken in a moderate dose – can enhance a host of activities.

For instance, a nice hit or two of a nice sativa and a hike may have you seeing more color and detail than you normally would – and can often help you feel much more in tune with the natural surroundings.

A hit or two of a nice indica and a bath will have your muscles tingling and your mind gently relaxing toward sleep.


The smell of different types of cannabis – pine, citrus, skunk, spice, etc. – can also really heighten your enjoyment. And the smooth flavor of the smoke is just another multi-faceted piece of the gourmet package.

We need to get away from the stigma of the past 70 years of prohibition and start looking at cannabis as another gourmet experience that consumers can enjoy. It’s just another option, like beer, wine or whiskey, for connoisseurs to explore.

People have been using cannabis as medicine, as a spiritual conduit and as a fun way to relax for thousands of years. The past 70 years are the anomaly.

For legalization to truly spread, we need to start talking about cannabis beyond the prohibition and outlaw language of the past.

We need to start talking about cannabis like adults.






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