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Strain Sheet: Wintermint Tincture from Fairwinds Manufacturing


Wintermint Tincture from Fairwinds Manufacturing

Reviewer: Sue Vorenberg
Product: Wintermint Tincture (sativa-based) (Dose: about a half-dropper full under the tongue)
Producer: Fairwinds Manufacturing
Onset time: Edible product, took about 45 minutes to kick in (some folks have told me they feel the effects in 20 minutes), from there it builds slowly but steadily for about an hour.
Fade: After kicking in, lasted about 4 hours (4 hours and 45 minutes from ingestion)
Strength: Medium-strong
Tingling (where did you feel it): Full face, temples, sides of head, full body
Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Good
Emotions: Very happy
Paranoia: No
Energy level: Good, energetic
Taste: Strong, unsweetened mint
Relieves: Good full body product for relaxation
Positives: Tingles feel great all over, not smoking is always a plus
Negatives: Slow onset (I almost vaped from being impatient), munchies
Other notes: Stronger than you initially think. Be patient when taking it because the kick-in and build take a while. Very relaxed and a little spacey. Good for full body muscle relaxation.

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