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Washington daily pot sales crest $2 million for the first time

Vancouver, Washington, June 23, 2015 – Washington’s daily marijuana sales record broke once again on Friday, June 19, and passed the $2 million mark for the first time since sales began.

The state Liquor Control Board reported $2,069,129.90 ($2.1 million) in sales on June 19,
breaking the June 12 record of $1,929,023.05.

The state also collected $517,282 in excise tax on that day.

Main Street Marijuana’s sales also have continued to climb, following that trend.


The Vancouver shop has been the state’s top seller for the past three months and will likely remain in that position in June, said Ramsey Hamide, its owner.

“As prices have come down and selection has gone up, we’ve continued to see more and more foot traffic in the store,” Hamide said. “I think that trend will continue system-wide in the I-502 market, and we’ll likely see records continue to break several times a month through the summer.”

So far, Fridays have been the best shopping days for marijuana in Washington, with Sundays generally coming in as the slowest.

“Fridays and Saturdays are far and away our two busiest days of the week,” Hamide said. “I predict this Friday will once again set the record, with it breaking again on July 3 as people gear up for the 4th of July holiday.”

So far, the state is reporting $243 million in marijuana sales since the first stores opened in July, 2014, with $61 million in excise tax collected.

About Main Street Marijuana: Main Street Marijuana is one of the two largest recreational marijuana stores in Washington state. Launched in the first week that sales began under the state’s Initiative 502 system, The company has adapted and grown in a constantly changing regulatory environment. Since the store launched on July 9, 2014, managers have traveled extensively throughout the state, building relationships with a wide variety of growers and processors, in order to create a diverse array of innovative products for its customers at reasonable prices.

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